White Paper: The Physician Seller's Guide to Private Equity Firms Investing in Ophthalmology

Feb 2019 Physician Seller's Guide Ophthalmology CoverTable of Contents

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2  Introduction - Private Equity's Emergence

3  Platform-Growth and Market Development

6  Private Equity's Platform Management Company Structure

7  Map of Consolidation Saturation Across the United States

8  Private Equity Investor Profiles:

      9  American Vision Partners

     10  Blue Sky Vision

     11   Century Vision Global

     12  Comprehensive EyeCare Partners

     13  CVP - CEI Vision Partners

     14  EVP EyeCare

     15  Eye Health America

     16  EyeCare Partners

     17  EyeCare Services Partners

     18  EyeSouth Partners

     19  NJEye

     20 NVISION Eye Centers

     21  Omni Eye

     22  One Vision Eye Partners

     23  Ridgemont Equity Partners

     24  SightMD

     25  Spectrum Vision Partners

     26  SouthEast Eye Specialists (SEES)

     27  Unifeye Vision Partners

     28  Vision Integrated Partners

29  Five Key Expectations for Future Development

30  Notes

31  About PhysiciansFirst Healthcare Partners


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