White Paper: The Current State of Private Equity in Ophthalmology

Table of Contents

Feb 2019 Current State of PE in Ophthalmology Cover

2  Introduction

3  Types of Buyers

5  History of Private Investments and Consolidation

6  Current State of the Market

7  Why Investors Are Interested

9  Ophthalmology from Private Equity’s Perspective

12  Practices of Interest

13  Types of Transactions

14  Components of a Deal

15  Multiples and Valuation

16  The Importance of Normalized Compensation In Private Equity Transactions

17  Sale Process

19  Key Legal Issues

21  Tax Issues

21  Associate Ophthalmologist Partnership Opportunities Under the New Private Equity Model

24  Post-Closing Operations and Growth

25  Notes

26  About PhysiciansFirst Healthcare Partners


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