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The Best Time To Sell ... In A Very Long Time

private equity Investors are Extremely Interested in Acquiring ophthalmology practices and surgery centers

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PhysiciansFirst closely monitors the market for physician assets and is convinced that now is the best time for ophthalmology practice owners to sell at the highest prices available in decades. This new opportunity is driven by private equity’s accelerating interest. Learn and understand key facts about this market opportunity:

  • Why private equity firms are interested in ophthalmology

  • The process of selling your practice

  • Typical transaction structures

  • Why physician-owners are selling, and what to expect after the sale

  • The macroeconomic factors that make this the best selling opportunity in decades

Our Three Proprietary Publications Help You Gain A Quick Understanding Of The Market And Your Personal Opportunity

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#1) Special Report: Private Equity's Emerging Interest In Ophthalmology Practice Acquisition

Get a Clearer Picture of this lucrative selling opportunity that emerged in 2017

Published August 9, 2017: Our in-depth insider research uncovered the details of a major acquisition wave about to expand across ophthalmology. This new development created the opportunity for significant upside in a sale but was not yet widely known and understood by physician owners. 

#2) Special Report: A Review of Private Equity Acquisitions In 2017 And Expectations Going Forward

entering phase 2: tremendous opportunities for Ophthalmologists in 2018

2017 Private Equity Recap Special Report Blurred Out
Published December 8, 2017: This Special Report lists major private equity ophthalmology deals completed in 2017 and provides perspective and understanding as it relates to private equity's three-phased investment strategy.
We identify and discuss the reasons for private equity's accelerating interest in both small-sized and medium-sized practices.

#3) Special Feature: A Drill Down On Specialty Practices And Geographic Markets. What Physician Owners Can Expect From Private Equity In 2018

take heed and take advantage of our experience and insights from the fRont lines 

2018 Outlook for HubSpot
Published February 8, 2018:
This Special Feature from our Advisory Resources Library gives physician-owners a valuable view into this year's unfolding acquisition activity. Our unique perspective from the front lines of this market allows us to be at the leading edge of the market's evolution with a view to private equity's planned next steps.
Note: We reserve these proprietary publications for physicians only. We are happy to discuss and share information with other interested parties, and can be reached at 615-647-6885. 

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