• Eric J. Yetter

White Paper: PE Investment in Ophthalmology - A Promising Recovery from the Pandemic Shutdown

This comprehensive white paper examines key performance indicators (KPI's) and market activity through the recover from the Covid-19 shutdown and summarizes our expectations for the remainder of 2020 and early 2021.

Summary: Ophthalmology has shown strong elective surgery resilience following the shutdown, which will serve to fortify it as a recession and pandemic resistant healthcare investment. In addition, the hardships created by the shutdown and more demanding operating requirements will convince previously reluctant physician owners to seriously consider a sale. These factors point to a future increase in deal activity.

We believe our analysis and insights into the ophthalmology consolidation taking place across the United States is among the best available. Our team works hard to be a leading expert and has conducted extensive research and analysis to bring clarity, understanding and future vision to help our clients make informed decisions.