• Eric J. Yetter

White Paper: Dermatology and Private Equity State of the Market - Second Quarter 2020

This paper is an in-depth examination of the current state of the dermatology consolidation taking place across the United States, including the recent effects of the COVID-19 shutdown. Our findings suggest; 1) a resurgence of acquisition activity as physicians evaluate this unique selling opportunity post COVID-19, 2) a possible PE player restructuring where some of the current investor pool merge, and 3) companies that have been unable to grow at their desired pace seek to combine with larger, more successful enterprises. We believe our analysis and insights into the dermatology consolidation is among the best available. Beyond our extensive day-to-day dealings in the PPM transaction space, our research and strategy team works hard to be a leading expert. They have conducted extensive research and analysis to bring clarity, understanding and future vision to help our clients make informed decisions. * CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW *