• Eric J. Yetter

Pinnacle Dermatology - Buyer Spotlight

PE Firm

Private equity firm Chicago Pacific Founders founded Pinnacle Dermatology in 2017 in partnership with its founding practice - Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Associates. The Joliet, Illinois practice had approximately 20 physicians at the time.

Activity & Geography

Since 2017, Pinnacle Dermatology has expanded outwardly to neighboring states. More recently, it expanded to the east coast. The company currently has locations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Transaction List

Virginia Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center; Fredericksburg, VA

Gary D. Waldman Dermatology; Monroe, NC

Academic Dermatology; Edina, MN

SkinSpeaks; Edina, MN

Murfreesboro Dermatology; Murfreesboro, TN

Belle Meade Dermatology; Nashville, TN

Bolingbrook Dermatology; Bolingbrook, IL

Doctor's Approach Dermatology & Med Spa; Okemos, MI

Roberts Dermatology; Lapeer, MI

Michigan Dermatology; Flint, MI

Calumet Dermatology; Dyer, IN

Silverton Skin Institute; Grand Blanc, MI

Walter Barkey, MD; Flint, MI

Duneland Dermatology; Chesterton, IN

North Oakland Dermatology; Rochester Hills, MI

Northwest Dermatology; Hoffman Estates, IL

Skin, Vein & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic; Munster, IN

Audrey Bruell, MD; Livonia, MI

Spencer Dermatology Associates; Crawfordsville, IN

Van Dam Dermatology & Laser Center; Barrington, IL

Southwest Dermatology; Chicago, IL

Lee Institute of Skin and Laser; Decatur, IL

Greenfield Dermatology; Greenfield, IN

Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Associates; Joliet, IL

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