• Eric J. Yetter

Physicians First Growth Continues: Closes 8 Transactions in 18 Months

Press Release

January 1, 2021

Nashville, TN - Physicians First, a leading investment banking firm dedicated to healthcare services, announced eight completed transactions for a combined 15 clinical businesses in the last 18 months.

Physicians First is one of the most active advisors in transactions between private equity firms and medical practices. “That focus gives us a lot of knowledge that translates into better outcomes for our clients," said Eric Yetter, Managing Partner. "My partner and I also have operating backgrounds in healthcare services including medical practices and surgery centers. We really understand these businesses.”

Private equity investment in medical practices has accelerated heavily since 2017 when Physicians First entered the space as a sell-side M&A advisor. As more and more PE firms make their initial investments, they pursue “add-on” acquisitions of small and medium practices. Those deals have been increasing as well.

Most of the early activity was in dermatology and ophthalmology. Recently, PE firms have been partnering with leading groups in gastroenterology, orthopedics, ENT & allergy, and women's health care.

“The fact that practice deals continued to happen through the COVID-19 pandemic shows how strong the investment proposition is,” said Andy Snyder, Managing Director. “Now at the beginning of 2021, many deals are in the works and new investors are looking to get in. We don’t think valuations have suffered, so it is a great time for physicians to look at a deal.” Physicians First plans to deploy its services for a new group of clients this year. “We continue to refine and build out our process as this industry matures. It will be great to pass on those benefits to our new clients.”

To learn more about Physicians First or request an initial consultation, reach out to Eric Yetter, Managing Partner at 615-477-4741 or via email at eyetter@physiciansfirst.com

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