• Eric J. Yetter

Ophthalmology - Q3 2018 Highlights & Deal List


  • Two New Geographic Areas (NGA) Entered

  • Quad-C Management enters ophthalmology with platform investment in NJRetina (22 physicians)

  • Chicago Pacific Founders enters ophthalmology via partnership with SightMD (Long Island, 17 physicians)

Deal List

  1. Quad-C Management partners with NJRetina and NJEye to form a new ophthalmology company, currently known as Prism Vision Group (New Jersey; 22 physicians)

  2. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Smith-Perry Eye Center (Chicago, IL; 1 physician)

  3. Chicago Pacific Founders acquires SightMD (Long Island, NY; 17 physicians)

  4. American Vision Partners acquires M&M Eye Institute (Prescott, AZ; 3 physicians)

  5. Blue Sky Vision acquires Optometrists of Lansing (Lansing, MI)

  6. EyeSouth Partners acquires Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute (Boca Raton, FL; 5 physicians)

  7. Blue Sky Vision acquires VisionCare Associates (East Lansing, MI; optometry)

  8. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Shademakers EyeWare (Rehoboth Beach, DE; optometry)

  9. Blue Sky Vision acquires EyeCare Associates of Haslett and Perry (Haslett, MI; optometry)

  10. Spectrum Vision Partners acquires Huntington Eye Care (Huntington, NY; 1 physician)

  11. Blue Sky Vision acquires Sussex Vision Center (Three Rivers, MI; optometry)

  12. Eye Health America acquires Montgomery & Riddle Eyecare (Clinton, SC; 3 physicians)

  13. Eye Health America acquires The Surgery and Laser Center at Professional Park (Clinton, SC)

  14. EyeCare Services Partners acquires National Retina Institute (Washington, DC; 3 physicians)