• Eric J. Yetter

Ophthalmology - Q3 2017 Highlights & Deal List


  • Two New Geographic Areas (NGA) Entered

  • NMS Capital enters ophthalmology with its acquisition of Omni Eye Specialists

  • Centre Partners enters ophthalmology via partnership with Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center

  • EyeSouth Partners acquires Georgia Retina

Deal List

  1. EyeCare Services partners acquires Lakeside Eye Group (Chicago, IL; 3 physicians)

  2. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Delaware Eye Institute (Rehoboth Beach, DE; 9 physicians)

  3. Spectrum Vision Partners acquires Precision Eye Care (Huntington, NY; 2 physicians)

  4. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Shasta Eye Medical Group (Redding, CA; 4 physicians)

  5. EyeSouth Partners acquires Georgia Retina (Atlanta, GA; 14 physicians)

  6. EVP Eyecare acquires Swagel Wootton Eye Institute (Phoenix, AZ; 2 physicians)

  7. NMS Capital ("New Mainstream Capital") partners with Omni Eye Specialists, Omni Eye Services, Clarity Refractive Services, and Essex Specialized Surgical Institute to form "Omni" or Omni Ophthalmic Management Consultants (Iselin, NJ; 10 physicians)

  8. Centre Partners joins with Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center (Annapolis, MD; 5 physicians) and Whitten Laser Eye (Washington, DC; 2 physicians), later forming Vision Innovation Partners