• Eric J. Yetter

Ophthalmology - Q2 2019 Highlights & Deal List


  • 8 New Geographic Areas (NGA) Entered

  • Alpine Investors enters ophthalmology with platform investment in Akron, Ohio

  • Sheridan Capital Partners enters ophthalmology with investments in two Virginia practices

  • Vision Innovation Partners (formally Chesapeake Eye Care) enters Pennsylvania via partnership with EyeCare Specialists

  • EyeCare Partners invests in Wichita Kansas platform Greene Vision Group

Deal List

  1. Alpine Investors acquires Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons (Akron, OH; 6 physicians) and Ohio Eye Care Consultants, together founding Midwest Vision Partners

  2. SightMD acquires Joseph A. Blanco, MD (Manhasset, NY; 1 physician)

  3. Vision Innovation Partners acquires EyeCare Specialists (Scranton, PA; 9 physicians)

  4. SightMD acquires Northern Westchester Ophthalmology (Yorktown Heights, NY; 1 physician)

  5. Prism Vision Group acquires Bloomfield Eye Associates (Bloomfield, NJ; 2 physicians)

  6. Sheridan Capital Partners partners with Harman Eye Center (Lynchburg, VA; 3 physicians) and Dominion Eye Associates (Richmond, VA; 2 physicians) to form Atlantic Vision Partners

  7. The SEES Group acquires Plessen Ophthalmology (St. Croix and St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands; 9 physicians)

  8. The SEES Group acquires Ocean Ophthalmology Group (North Miami Beach, FL; 3 physicians)

  9. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Delray Eye Associates (Delray Beach, FL; 9 physicians)

  10. Spectrum Vision Partners acquires Long Island Eye Care (Hicksville, NY; 4 physicians)

  11. EyeCare Partners acquires Grene Vision Group (Wichita, KS; 12 physicians)

  12. Prism Vision Group acquires Ridgewood Eye Associates (Paramus, NJ; 1 physician)

  13. EyeSouth Partners acquires Cookeville Eye Specialists (Cookeville, TN; 3 physicians)

  14. EyeSouth Partners acquires Cumberland Eye Care and Plateau ASC (Crossville, TN; 2 physicians)

  15. The SEES Group acquires Complete Eye Care (Dayton, TN; 2 physicians)

  16. Omni Ophthalmic Management Consultants acquires Ludwick Eye Center (Chambersburg, PA; 5 physicians)

  17. Eye Health America acquires Carolinas Centers for Sight (Florence, SC; 7 physicians)