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Ophthalmology - Q3 2019 Highlights & Deal List


  • 5 New Geographic Areas (NGAs) Entered

  • Pamlico Capital enters ophthalmology with platform investment in Sarasota, FL

  • EyeSouth Partners enters Louisiana

  • NVision Eye Centers enters Washington State

  • EyeCare Partners makes a major acquisition in Michigan

  • Eyecare Services Partners strengthens its position in Southeast Florida

  • EyeSouth Partners enters the Florida Panhandle

Deal List

  1. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Larkspur Optometry (Redding, CA; OD)

  2. EyeSouth Partners acquires The Eye Center of North Florida (Panama City, FL; 6 physicians)

  3. Vision Innovation partners acquires Washington Eye Specialists (Washington, DC; 3 physicians)

  4. American Vision Partners acquires Retinal Consultants of Arizona (Phoenix, AZ; 9 physicians)

  5. EyeCare Partners acquires Associated Retinal Consultants (Royal Oak, MI; 21 physicians)

  6. EyeSouth Partners acquires EyeCare Associates (Metairie, LA; 4 physicians)

  7. EyeSouth Partners acquires Lanoux & Associates (Metairie, LA; 2 physicians)

  8. SightMD acquires Westchester Eye Associates (Harrison, NY; 7 physicians)

  9. SightMD acquires George T. Schirripa, MD (Yonkers, NY; 1 physician)

  10. Prism Vision Group acquires Hudson Eye Physicians & Surgeons (Jersey City, NJ; 8 physicians)

  11. SightMD acquires Park Avenue Eye Institute (New York, NY; 1 physician)

  12. SightMD acquires Hatsis Laser Vision (Rockville Centre, NY; 2 physicians)

  13. USEye is formed by Pamlico Capital, in partnership with Center for Sight (Sarasota, FL; 9 physicians) and Montgomery Eye Center (Naples, FL; 3 physicians)

  14. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Eye Surgery Associates (Hollywood, FL; 11 physicians)

  15. NVision Eye Centers acquires Olympia Eye Clinic (Olympia, WA; 4 physicians) and Olympia Eye Surgery Center

  16. Prism Vision Group acquires Hackensack Eye Center (Hackensack, NJ; 1 physician)

  17. EyeSouth Partners acquires Montgomery Eye Associates (Montgomery, AL; 4 physicians)

  18. American Vision Partners acquires Schaffer Vision (Sun City West, AZ; 1 physician)