• Eric J. Yetter

Ophthalmology - Q2 2017 Highlights & Deal List


  • Two New Geographic Areas (NGA) Entered

  • HIG Capital enters ophthalmology via partnership with Barnet-Dulaney-Perkins Eye Center and Southwestern Eye Center

  • Harvest Partners acquires EyeCare Services Partners from Varsity Healthcare Partners

  • EyeCare Services Partners acquires Hauser-Ross Eye Institute

Deal List

  1. Blue Sky Vision acquires Lakeshore Eye (West Grand Rapids, MI; optometry)

  2. EyeCare Services partners acquires Hauser-Ross Eye Institute and ASC (Chicago, IL; 8 physicians)

  3. NVision acquires NVision of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA; 1 physicians)

  4. HIG Capital partners with Barnet-Dulaney-Perkins Eye Center (Phoenix, AZ; 21 physicians) and Southwestern Eye Center (Mesa, AZ; 17 physicians) forming American Vision Partners

  5. Blue Sky Vision acquires Vitreo-Retinal Associates (Grand Rapids, MI; 4 physicians)

  6. Blue Sky Vision acquires Surgical Care Center of Michigan (Grand Rapids, MI)