• Eric J. Yetter

Ophthalmology - Q1 2020 Highlights & Deal List


  • Three New Geographic Areas (NGA) Entered: two in Texas and one in California

  • Webster Equity Partners enters Ophthalmology by forming Retina Consultants of America and acquiring five retina platform practices in California, Texas, Florida and New York

  • Moon Sail Capital enters Ophthalmology by forming Ocular Partners and acquiring two platform practices in Chicago

  • New Harbor Capital enters Ophthalmology by acquiring a platform practice in Florida

  • Convenant Physician Partners enters Ophthalmology by acquiring a practice in Texas

  • Midwest Vision Partners acquires 16 physician platform practice in Jackson Michigan

Deal List

  1. Vision Innovation Partners acquires Baltimore Eye Physicians (Baltimore, MD; 3 physicians)

  2. Spectrum Vision Partners acquires Lehigh Valley Eye Center (Allentown, PA; 7 physicians)

  3. CEI Vision Partners acquires Virginia Beach Eye Center (Virgnia Beach, VA; 2 physicians)

  4. Retina Consultants of America acquires California Retina Consultants (Bakersfield, CA; 10 physicians)

  5. Retina Consultants of America acquires Retina Consultants of Houston (Houston,TX; 12 physicians)

  6. Retina Consultants of America acquires Retina Group of Florida (Boca Raton, FL;11 physicians)

  7. Retina Consultants of America acquires Long Island Vitreoretinal Consultants (Great Neck, NY; 12 physicians)

  8. Retina Consultants of America acquires Retinal Consultants Medical Group (Sacramento, CA; 11 physicians)

  9. Ocular Partners acquires Arbor Centers for EyeCare (Chicago, IL; 9 physicians)

  10. Ocular Partners acquires Chicago Eye Institute (Chicago, IL; 8 physicians)

  11. New Harbor Capital acquires Quigley Eye Specialists (Fort Myers, FL; 8 physicians)

  12. Vision Innovation Partners acquires Busack Eye Center (Frederick, MD; 1 physician)

  13. Midwest Vision Partners acquires Rosenbaum Eye & Laser Center (Lansing, MI; 4 physicians)

  14. Prism Vision Group acquires The Retina Care Center (Baltimore, MD; 5 physicians)

  15. Midwest Vision Partners acquires Specialty Eye Institute (Jackson, MI; 16 physicians)

  16. ReFocus Eye Health acquires Soll Eye (Philadelphia, PA; 8 physicians)

  17. Covenant Physician Partners acquires Texas Eye Care Network (Corpus Christi, TX; 3 physicians)

  18. SightMD acquires Spencer E. Sherman, MD (New York, NY; 1 physician)