• Eric J. Yetter

Ophthalmology - Q1 2019 Highlights & Deal List


  • 2 New Geographic Areas (NGA) Entered

  • Shoreview Industries enters ophthalmology with platform investment in California Retina Associates

  • CEI Vision Partners enters Virginia via partnership with Virginia Eye Consultants

Deal List

  1. SightMD acquires Peconic Ophthalmology (Riverhead, NY; 1 physician)

  2. Prism Vision Group acquires Matossian Eye Associates (Doylestown, PA; 7 physicians)

  3. Omni Ophthalmic Management Consultants acquires Corneal Associates of New Jersey (Fairfield, NJ; 3 physicians)

  4. CEI Vision Partners acquires Virginia Eye Consultants (Norfolk, VA; 11 physicians)

  5. Eye Health America acquires Donelson Eye Associates (Greenville, SC; 1 physician)

  6. NVision Eye Centers acquires Alvarado Eye Associates (San Diego, CA; 1 physician)

  7. CEI Vision Partners acquires Retina Vitreous Associates of Toledo (Toledo, OH; 9 physicians)

  8. Unifeye Vision Partners acquires Inland Eye Institute (Colton, CA; 6 physicians)

  9. American Vision Partners acquires Abrams Eye Institute (Las Vegas, NV; 2 physicians)

  10. ShoreView Industries acquires California Retina Associates (San Diego, CA; 13 physicians)