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Ophthalmology - Q1 2018 Highlights & Deal List


  • Four New Geographic Areas (NGA) Entered

  • LLR Partners enters ophthalmology with three partnerships in South Carolina and Florida, forming Eye Health America

  • Gauge Capital enters ophthalmology with three Nevada acquisitions, forming Comprehensive EyeCare Partners

  • Unifeye Vision Partners acquires Pacific Eye Institute

Deal List

  1. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Midwest Eye Center (Chicago, IL; 5 physicians)

  2. LLR Partners forms Eye Health America via initial partnerships among Piedmont Surgery Center (Greenville, SC) , Clemson Eye (Greenville, SC; 6 physicians), and The Eye Associates (Sarasota, FL; 8 physicians)

  3. Vision Innovation Partners acquires Maryland Vision Institute (Hagerstown, MD; 6 physicians)

  4. Unifeye Vision Partners acquires Pacific Eye Institute (Inland Empire, CA; 19 physicians)

  5. EyeSouth Partners acquires Gainesville Eye Associates (Gainesville, GA; 4 physicians)

  6. EyeCare Partners acquires Alabama Vision Center (Birmingham, AL; 3 physicians)

  7. EyeCare Partners acquires The Ophthalmology Group (Paducah, KY; 4 physicians)

  8. NVision Eye Centers acquires Hyperspeed Lasik (Rowland Heights, CA; 1 physician)

  9. Gauge Capital forms Comprehensive EyeCare Partners via partnership with Nevada Eye Physicians (Las Vegas, NV; 10 physicians), New Eyes of Southern Nevada (4 physicians), and Shepherd Eye Center (16 physicians)

  10. Vision Innovation Partners acquires Select Eye Care (Towson, MD; 6 physicians)

  11. Blue Sky Vision acquires Michigan Optical (Grand Rapids, MI)

  12. Blue Sky Vision acquires Shoreline Vision (Muskegon, MI; 12 physicians)

  13. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Florida Vision Institute (West Palm Beach, FL; 4 physicians)

  14. Omni acquires Phillips Eye Center (Elmwood, NJ; 11 physicians)

  15. Vision Innovation Partners acquires Arlington Eye Center (Arlington, VA; 4 physicians)

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