• Eric J. Yetter

Ophthalmology - Q1 2017 Highlights & Deal List


  • Five New Geographic Areas (NGA) Entered

  • Waud Capital Partners enters ophthalmology, partners with Minnesota Eye Consultants

  • Flexpoint Ford enters ophthalmology in partnership with SouthEast Eye Specialists

  • Sterling Partners enters ophthalmology, partners with Grand Rapids MI Ophthalmology

  • Shore Capital Partners enters ophthalmology via partnership with Georgia Eye Partners

Deal List

  1. NVision Eye Centers acquires Sacramento Eye Surgery Center (Sacramento, CA)

  2. Shore Capital forms EyeSouth Partners with Georgia Eye Partners (Atlanta, GA; 8 physicians)

  3. Waud Capital forms Unifeye Vision Partners with Minnesota Eye Consultants (Minneapolis, MN; 17 physicians)

  4. Sterling Partners forms Blue Sky Vision with Grand Rapids Ophthalmology (Grand Rapids, MI; 9 physicians)

  5. Flexpoint Ford forms The SEES Group with SouthEast Eye Specialists (Chattanooga, TN; 10 physicians)

  6. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Chicagoland Retinal Consultants (Chicago, IL; 3 physicians)