• Eric J. Yetter

Ophthalmology - 2012 thru 2016 Highlights & Deal List


  • Four PE Firms begin investing in the Ophthalmology practice PPM vertical:

  • Candescent Partners

  • Varsity Healthcare Partners

  • FFL Partners

  • Cortec Group

  • NVision Eye Centers, a physician-owned organization, aggressively grows its California presence

2016 Deal List

  1. The Cortec Groups forms EVP EyeCare with Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center (Dallas, TX; 9 physicians) and ICON Eyecare (Denver, CO; 5 physicians)

  2. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Milauskas Eye Institute (La Quinta, CA; 6 physicians)

  3. EyeCare Partners acquires Quantum Vision Centers aka Illinois Eye Surgeons (East St. Louis, IL; 15 physicians)

  4. NVision Eye Centers acquires Colin Arnold, MD, PC (Sacramento, CA; 1 physician), Crystal Clear Vision (Toronto, Canada; 1 Physician), 2020 Vision Group (Concord, Ca; 1 physician)

2015 Deal List

  1. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Inland Eye Specialists (Hemet, CA; 10 physicians), Madison Street Surgery Center (Denver, CO; ASC), Spivak Vision Center (Denver, CO; 6 physicians), Colorado Eye Center O.D. (Denver, CO), Omni Eye Specialists (Denver, CO; 6 physicians), Delaware EyeCare Center, (Bear, DE; 3 physicians)

  2. EyeCare Partners acquires Ophthalmology Consultants (St. Louis, MO; 6 physicians), Clarkson EyeCare (St. Louis, MO; 7 physicians)

  3. NVision Eye Centers acquires Vision Surgery & Laser Center (Roseburg, OR; ASC), Weston Eye Center (Roseburg, OR; 6 physicians)

2014 Deal List

  1. NVision Eye Centers acquires Teplick Custom Vision (Portland, OR; 1 physician), Nevada Eye Care Professionals (Las Vegas, NV; 5 physicians)

  2. Claris Vision acquires Greater New Bedford Surgery Center (Dartmouth, MA; ASC), St. James Surgery Center (Warwick, RI; ASC), Eye Health Vision Centers (Dartmouth, MA; 8 phyicians)

  3. EyeCare Services Partners acquires Katzen Eye Group (Lutherville, MD; 12 physicians), Dulaney Eye Institute (Towson, MD; ASC)

2013 Deal List

  1. NVision Eye Centers acquires Capital Eye Medical Group (Sacramento, CA; 1 physician), Eye Surgery Center of Northern California (Sacramento, CA; ASC), Meister Eye & Laser Eye Center (Sacramento, CA; 1 physician)

  2. Claris Vision acquires Southcoast Eye Care O.D. (Dartmouth, MA), Seacoast Eye Associates (Wakefield, RI; 1 physician)

2012 Deal List

  1. Candescent Partners forms Claris Vision with Koch Eye Associates (Warwick, RI; 10 physicians)