• J. Andrew Snyder

Forefront Dermatology - Buyer Spotlight

PE Firm

In 2014, Varsity Healthcare Partners, a healthcare focused private-equity firm invested in Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin to form ForeFront dermatology. In 2016, after Forefront had grown to operate more than 80 clinics across 11 Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states, OMERS private equity acquired the company from Varsity Healthcare Partners.

Activity & Geography

Since being recapitalized in 2016, Forefront Dermatology continues to grow throughout the Midwest and Southeast. Forefront has acquired 8 dermatology practices since the beginning of 2017.

Recent Transactions

Skin Solutions Dermatology; Ames, IA

Associates in Dermatology; Ottumwa, IA

Heartland Dermatology; Clive, IA

Inverness Dermatology; Birmingham, AL

Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care Centre; Mobile, AL

Goldsboro Skin Center; Goldsboro, NC

C. Douglas Hensley, MD; Middletown, KY

Asarch Dermatology; Englewood, CO

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