• J. Andrew Snyder

Dermatology - Q4 2019 Highlights & Deal List


  • Four New Geographic Areas (NGA) Entered in Kansas, Texas, New York and Montana

  • Epiphany Dermatology makes three acquisitions in Texas, Montana and Kansas

  • Schweiger Dermatology makes a platform acquisition in Middeltown, NY

  • Adult & Pediatric Dermatology makes a platform acquisition in East Greenwich, RI

  • Six PE firms make eight total acquisitions

Deal List

  1. Schweiger Dermatology acquires Southern Tier Dermatology & Aesthetics (Elmira, NY; 4 physicians)

  2. Skin & Cancer Associates acquires Leslie Baumann, MD (Miami, FL; 2 physicians)

  3. Pinnacle Dermatology acquires SkinSpeaks (Edina, MN; 3 physicians)

  4. Epiphany Dermatology acquires Kansas City Dermatology (Kansas City, KS; 1 physician)

  5. Epiphany Dermatology acquires Advanced Dermatology of Butte (Butte, MT; 1 physician)

  6. Schweiger Dermatology acquires Dermatology Associates (Middletown, NY; 7 physicians)

  7. Adult & Pediatric Dermatology acquires Dermatology Professionals (East Greenwich, RI; 8 physicians)

  8. Epiphany Dermatology acquires South Tyler Dermatology (Tyler, TX; 1 physician)