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Covenant Physician Partners - Buyer Spotlight

PE Firm

Covenant Physician Partners was founded in 2008 with backing from private equity firm Iroquois Capital. Initially, Covenant was an ambulatory surgery center management company and acquired interests in predominantly gastroenterology and ophthalmology ASCs.

More recently, Covenant has partnered with physician practices in ophthalmology and gastroenterology.

Activity & Geography

Covenant Physician Partners has a national focus and operates practices and ASCs throughout the United States, including Hawaii.

Transaction List (Medical Practices)

Arizona Centers for Digestive Health; Phoenix, AZ (gastroenterology)

Center for Advanced GI; Maitland, FL (gastroenterology)

Central Maine Eye Care; Lewiston, ME (ophthalmology)

De La Pena Eye Clinic; Los Angeles, CA (ophthalmology)

Digestive Care Associates; Edwardsville, PA (gastroenterology)

Gastroenterology East, PA; Greenville, SC (gastroenterology)

GI Associates of Big Bend; Tallahassee, FL (gastroenterology)

Heartland Clinic; Moline, IL (gastroenterology)

High Desert Gastroenterology; Lancaster, CA (gastroenterology)

Texas Eye Care; Corpus Christi, TX (ophthalmology)

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