PF Insights Podcast Series


Fourteen Short-Form Podcasts Answer The Tough Questions Facing Every Physician Seller
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Market Consolidation

Longer 18.1-022590-editedPrivate Equity Interest In Ophthalmology Reaches Critical Mass

Longer 18.10-042564-editedThe Growing Acquisition Interest In Stand Alone Retina Practices

Longer 18.11-217438-editedOphthalmology From Private Equity’s Perspective ... Rationale, Risk And Reward

Longer 18.14-266915-editedWhat’s Next? The Most Likely Healthcare Specialty Consolidations On The Horizon

Transaction Fundamentals

Longer 18.2-285927-editedWidespread Private Equity Buying Takes Off ... Addressing The Key Fundamentals And Concerns

Longer 18.4-322275-editedIs My Practice A Candidate For Acquisition? Does EBITDA And Number Of Physicians Matter?

Longer 18.6-358118-editedWhat Are The Typical Acquisition Structures In Private Equity Investments?

Longer 18.8-393218-editedWhy Do I Need An Investment Banker? Are They Worth The Cost?


Personal Considerations

Longer 18.5-339982-editedHow Does My Life Change When I Become A Physician Partner After The Private Equity Transaction Is Completed?

Longer 18.12-243799-editedAs A Physician, Who Should And Who Should Not Be Interested In Selling to Private Equity?

Longer 18.13-493598-editedAddressing Physician Fears Related To Future Private Equity Recapitalization. How Does It Work, What Are The Risks And Rewards?

Operational Impact

Longer 18.3-304442-editedPrivate Equity's New Deferential Approach, Orthopedics And Spine, Young Physician Buy-In

Longer 18.7-377716-editedHow Will An Acquisition Affect My Employees And Associate Physicians?

Longer 18.9-415448-editedHow Is Today’s Private Equity Practice Acquisition and Consolidation Different Than The Failures Of The Late 1990’s?