Our Process

Market Representation

We begin with in-depth data gathering and analysis to generate marketing materials. Our experts begin with financial statements, billing reports, and other industry-specific items. We know how to interpret your unique data, what is important to investors, and how to position and present your organization to drive interest.
When appropriate, we utilize experienced outside healthcare finance and marketing firms to help maximize our clients’ positioning and credibility.

Buyer Matching

We understand the full buyer spectrum and maintain relationships through deliberate research and our daily M&A activities. When a new opportunity comes to market, we are well positioned to know who will be interested and have aligned goals.
Over the past several years, many new investors have entered our industry and others are looking for their first investment. Many of the old buyers are changing their models. We work hard to keep abreast of these developments and serve as a helpful resource to all parties.

Competitive Bidding

Our process includes structured bidding designed to encourage best offers and identify top contenders. It is a multi-phased approach that allows fast response, drives competitive offer revisions and protects our clients’ time.
Research and experience show that bringing multiple interested parties to the table in a structured process can create more lucrative outcomes for sellers. We believe that equipping potential buyers with the information and confidence to bid aggressively further improves those results.

Offers and Negotiation

We work diligently with buyers to negotiate offers that serve our clients’ multifaceted interests. These transactions are highly complicated and unique – first and foremost because our client's unique interests and continued contribution are critical to a successful outcome.
Our knowledge and experience help us avoid risks and pursue opportunities unique to this industry. We also understand physician partnerships and have broad experience working with groups to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Due Diligence

Our work is far from over when the letter of intent is signed. We stay actively involved through the diligence period and strive to facilitate an efficient, client-friendly process.
The post-LOI period is complicated and time-consuming. It can also involve unforeseen challenges. We provide a valuable conduit between buyer and seller to allow accurate information exchange and progress. When issues arise, we work diligently with both parties to create a fast resolution.

Closing Coordination

Closing a transaction requires constant follow-up and coordination, and the number of people and tasks involved can be overwhelming. Inevitably, new issues arise that were not foreseen or agreed upon by the parties.
We are experienced in working with attorneys and other advisors to navigate pitfalls and close transactions. Our goal is to make this sometimes difficult and time-consuming final phase go as smoothly as possible while protecting our clients’ interests