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PE in Optometry - Spotlight on MyEyeDr.

Posted by Eric J. Yetter on Feb 12, 2019 6:58:58 PM
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MrEyeDr. was founded in 2001 by a group of optometrists and the group’s current CEO, Sue Healey Downes. Dr. Robert Samit had achieved prior success with his Hour Eyes group (sold to Eye Care Centers of America in 1997) and Millenium Laser Eye Centers (sold to TLC). The group approached MyEyeDr. as a different kind of business that was more doctor-driven.

Since its founding, MyEyeDr. has grown primarily through organic location openings and the acquisition of community eye care practices. The company focuses on three “pillars” of optometric practice: 1) Healthcare; 2) Practice Management; and 3) Retail – providing resources to its partnered practices in each area.

The company grew quickly with private equity backing until it was acquired by Atlas Partners (private equity) and CDPQ (a Canadian pension fund) in 2015. MrEyeDr. now has locations in eighteen states and the District of Columbia.


   1. Alabama  8
   2. Connecticut   26
   3. District of Columbia    6
   4. Delaware  10
   5. Florida  41
   6. Georgia  35
   7. Illinois 37
   8. Indiana 12
   9. Louisiana 7
 10. Massachusetts 2
 11. Maryland 56
 12. North Carolina 81
 13. Pennsylvania 23
 14. South Carolina 9
 15. Tennessee 7
 16. Virginia 51
 17. Vermont 2
 18. Wisconsin 1
 19. West Virginia 5


Portfolio Locations

'01  Year Founded
419 Locations
19 States Including The District of Columbia

My Eye Dr Map of States


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