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PE in Ophthalmology - Spotlight on CEI Vision Partners

Posted by J. Andrew Snyder on Dec 27, 2018 5:04:36 PM
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CEI Vision Partners (“CVP”), based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a management services organization formed in partnership with Cincinnati Eye Institute, a premier ophthalmology practice in the Midwest with a national reputation for providing the highest level of eye care. CVP provides comprehensive eye care services and has more than 70 providers across all major sub-specialties in ophthalmology and optometry.


CVP seeks to grow its ophthalmology platform, both organically and via acquisition, throughout the Midwest and the United States.


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Revelstoke Capital Partners is a private equity firm formed by experienced investors who focus on building industry-leading companies in the healthcare and related business services sectors. Revelstoke partners with entrepreneurs and management teams to execute on a disciplined organic and acquisition growth strategy to build exceptional companies.


Portfolio Overview and Locations

'18  Year Founded
01 Core Geographies
03 Acquisitions


Acquisition History
(#) = Ophthalmologists In Practice

   1. Cincinnati Eye Institute (44)    Cincinnati, OH
   2. Dayton Eye Associates (9)    Dayton, OH
   3. Retina Physicians & Surgeons (5)    Cincinnati, OH


This article is an excerpt from our New, Comprehensive 31-Page White Paper: The Physician Seller's Guide to Private Equity Firms Investing in Ophthalmology.

This White Paper contains:

  • A thorough analysis of platform growth and market development
  • A guide to private equity's platform management company structure
  • Maps of consolidation saturation across the United States
  • A comprehensive profile of each of the 20 firms actively investing in ophthalmology, including their regional presence and practice partnerships
  • Our five key expectations for future development

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