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List of Private Equity Firms Investing in Dermatology Practices and Surgery Centers

Posted by Eric J. Yetter on Apr 1, 2019 5:27:42 PM
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Private equity firms usually create a subsidiary Practice Management Company within their portfolios to acquire and manage dermatology practices and ASCs. Most transactions include some equity ownership in that company, as part of the total consideration sellers receive. 

The combination of all of the private equity firm names and all of the new practice management company names participating in the market consolidation across the United States can be very confusing. We simplify that visually below and then provide an easy-to-use alphabetical listing of website links for further research.




PE Firm to Practice Mgmt Co
Waud Adult & Pediatric

Harvest Advanced

NMS Ane Arundel

Goldman California

Sheridan DOCS

Gemini DermCare

CI Capital Epiphany

Omers Forefront

Bell Navaderm

Ontario PhyNet

Chicago Pinnacle

Sterling Platinum

Lead Preferred

Cressey Qualderm

GTCR Riverchase

Spindletop Sanova

LLR Schweiger

WCAS Select

SPC Skin and Cancer

Pharos Sona

Alpine Summit

Riverside tricenna

Frazier UnitedDerm

Tonka United

Abry US Derm

Gryphon Waters Edge

Enhanced West



Adult & Pediatric Dermatology

Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

Anne Arundel Dermatology

California Skin Institute

Dermatologists of Central States

DermCare Management

Epiphany Dermatology

Forefront Dermatology

NavaDerm Partners

PhyNet Dermatology

Pinnacle Dermatology

Platinum Dermatology Partners

Preferred Dermatology Partners

Qualderm Partners

Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

 Sanova Dermatology

Schweiger Dermatology Group

Select Dermatology 

Skin and Cancer Associates Center for Cosmetic Enhancement

Sona Dermatology and MedSpa

Summit Dermatology Partners


United Derm Partners

United Skin Specialists

U.S. Dermatology Partners

Water's Edge Dermatology

West Dermatology


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